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College Planning for High School Academics

What We Offer

  • College planning consultants who work closely with your student and his/her guidance counselor ensuring the appropriate classes are being taken for the career choice your child prefers

  • PhD in Education available for student and parent phone calls

    • Common topics include career choice evaluations, admissions counseling, school selection process, college direct admit programs, GPA, SAT/ACT scores, graduate study programs electronic resume building and more

  • College Cost Navigator Software

    • Compare up to 15 different school's sticker price with their net price

  • Experienced College Planning Consultants, Financial Advisors, CPAs and Attorneys that specialize in advanced college planning strategies

  • Unlimited ACT & SAT prep test programs

    • Students become more relaxed and experienced

    • They overcome challenges of test anxiety

    • A student who significantly increases their scores in high school also increases their chances of earning much higher academic & merit based scholarships

  • Local SAT/ACT/Math & Science Tutors

  • Access to in-depth college scholarship search programs, local scholarship programs students & parents may have never even considered, and various volunteer organizations

  • Willingness to contact colleges admissions counselors to discuss additional financial options families may qualify for,  special circumstance considerations ​ and more

What to Focus On

  • The student's GPA, extra curricula activities, volunteer work, starting a business or foundation

    • It is crucial to demonstrate good work ethic while maintaining consistency throughout one's high school career

  • Improving SAT/ACT scores

    • Not only does this get you accepted to more schools, it also increases the chances of earning more merit-based aid and scholarships​

Academic & Financial Planning Workshops

Tackling the Runaway Costs of College

  • 70-75 min

  • For families with freshman, sophomores, or juniors in high school

  • Topics: planning your college visits, qualifying for more financial aid, understanding school loans, comparing retail college costs to net college costs and more

Understanding How the FAFSA Process Works

  • 70-75 min

  • For families with juniors and seniors in high school

  • Topics: How To complete the FAFSA Form, preventing mistakes that could cost you money by helping families understand how and where to list certain assets, why some assets count more than others, when to complete the form and more

Middle School Workshops

  • 70-75 min

  • For families with students in middle school

  • Similar to "Tackling the Runaway Costs of College" with even more strategies for success due to early planning

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Types of Aid

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