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Consider starting as early as freshman year

College Planning for High School Athletes

Our Goal

We aim to help all athletes who want to play their chosen sport at the collegiate level whether it be DI, DII, DIII, NAIA or Junior College

*Being an early commit athlete can often result in higher athletic scholarship offers!!

What We Offer

  • College planning consultants and past college athletes who work closely with your student, his/her  guidance counselor, current coaches

  • Marketing Specialists that know how to "Target Market" your student athlete to 40-50 preferred schools and coaches of all divisions. DI, DII, DIII, NAIA

  • If needed, local coaching in several sports including but not limited to:

    • Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Softball, Golf, Track & Field, Tennis, Lacrosse and more

  • Help with finding additional "non athletic" scholarships

DII, DIII, & NAIA Schools

DI scholarships are difficult to come by so it's important not to rule out DII, DIII and NAIA schools. They have hundreds of very competitive programs looking for talented athletes with scholarship money to offer. Again, DIII Schools do not offer athletic scholarships.  College Coaches usually know whether or not they are going to make an offer by late in the athlete's junior year or early in their senior year.

Important to note: 

College coaches cannot make official contact with an athlete until June 15th right before his/her junior year, but a student can make several "unofficial" visits to various colleges and universities during their freshman and sophomores years at their own expense. However, the coaches cannot make any contact with them during those visits. College coaches plan and recruit one to two years in advance, depending on each sport and division.  By preparing early and narrowing down the universities, we are then able to focus our marketing efforts in securing scholarship offers by the first semester of the athlete's senior year. Coaches only have so much money to recruit in each sport so the earlier they can narrow down their choices, the better. 

Athletic Planning Workshops

Understanding the Recruiting Process and Marketing Your Skills

  • 65 - 70 min

  • For families with high schoolers interested in playing college sports

  • Topics include understanding the number of scholarships available in each Division of one's sport, marketing your athlete to college coaches, narrowing down to your options, and understanding the recruiting processes over the course of your child's high school career

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